Thank you for visiting our web site and your interest in water jetting. With this web site we hope to give you some insight and useful information relating to the water jetting tools and accessories which we have to offer.

WOMA CORPORATION is today delivering water jetting pumps, units and accessories which operate safely, reliably and efficiently at pressures from 10,000 psi to 43,500 psi (3000 bar). Our equipment is used in applications ranging from paint stripping to sewer cleaning and just about anything in between. 

By harnessing the unbelievable force of water one can remove the toughest deposits from almost any substrate. Concrete restoration contractors use this energy in a process called hydrodemolition to selectively remove concrete from bridges and parking structures in rehabilitation projects. While painting contractors will use it in surface preparation applications to remove old coatings and prepare a steel surface for the application of a new coating. If you have a cleaning or stripping application chances are you have a problem which can be solved with a WOMA water jetting system.

While browsing through this web site please bare in mind that our line of products is very extensive and new developments are made often in this fast paced field, so if you don't see a particular solution to your application please contact us directly either by phone, fax or e-mail.

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